Ya Mastiha Liqueur

About Ya

Growing up Greek-American, I remember longing for my summers to spend a few weeks in the picturesque Greek Islands. Every year, I invited a friend to join me so I could share my heritage. In the summer of 2009, twenty-eight of my friends from all over the world joined me in Mykonos to celebrate my birthday. Despite vast differences in cultures, personalities and ages, we bonded with the help of one unifying force: Mastiha liqueur. This gift from the Greeks led me to my “aha” moment.

Just as I’d wanted to share my Greek culture as a child, I decided that summer that I must share this unique spirit with my American friends. I devoted the next three years to creating a product that was representative of my Greek background and values but was also appealing to the US market. I worked with farmers in Chios, Greece to gather the purest and finest Mastiha available and teamed with a NY craft producer from the Finger Lakes region to use the best local ingredients for our optimal formula.

I designed our signature tear-drop bottle to mimic the tear drops of Mastiha found only on Chios. I used Aegean-blue as the bottle color to reflect the natural beauty of Greece. I created the neck, cap and curvature of the bottle to evoke a seductive yet elegant package, like that of a Greek Goddess. The result: a natural, celebratory, sensorial, Greek drinking experience. I am thrilled to introduce you to the USA’s first “Greek-inspired, locally-produced” Mastiha: Ya Mastiha Liqueur.